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19 April 2017

Two creations with the ODD company (Ottawa Dance Directive)

Harold was in Ottawa last January, and will return in june and september to complte the creation of two plays. A quartet with Charles-Alexis Desgagnés, Justin Gionet, Kay Kenney and Étienne Lambert, and a solo with Lana Morton. The two creations will be presented in a double program (with a work by Yvonne Coutts, co-director […]

1 February 2017

Collaborative project between Quebec and the UK

The fils d’Adrien danse is one of the 7 lucky projects selected as part of the cultural program of cooperation between Quebec and the United Kingdom. The project is a collaboration between the Fils d’Adrien danse, the filmmaker Katrina McPherson, the choreographer and artistic director of Bodysurf Scotland, Kar Jay Lewin and The Work Room […]

14 November 2016

Harold Rhéaume, dancer for the new Lina Cruz’s project

            Harold will be dancing for the new Lina Cruz project. He’ll meet, for a duet, his longtime companion (with whom he danced MORTA 12 years ago), Lydia Wagerer. All the team will be creating this duet during the 16-17 season and will be presenting the result in the 17-18 […]

14 November 2016

Some news about our board of directors

We would like to sincerely thank Marie-Catherine Lapointe (ex-president), M. Normand Lalonde (ex vice-president) and Marie-Louise Donald (ex administrator) for their investment and collaboration during the last few years in our company. We would also like to welcome two new members to our board, Caroline Simonis and Danielle Bédard, and congratulate Caroline Paré as our […]

14 November 2016

Marquer la danse’s winning projet video

It’s a huge pleasure to share with you the video of the 2015-2016 Marquer la danse’s winning choregraphy. The short play was created by Marianne Fortier (Student at the Champigny College – secondary 5) with the collaboration of the dancers, Jean-François Duke and Odile-Amélie Peters, and our mentor, Mario Veillette. We are currently working on the 2016-2017 […]

14 November 2016

L’ÉVEIL touring in France, in Quebec and in New-Brunswick

We’ll be leaving Quebec city this saturday for a short tour in France! L’ÉVEIL will be presented at the Rodez’s Festival Novado, at the Figeac’s Espace François Mitterand and at Millau’s Théâtre de la Maison du Peuple, between november 14th and 22nd. The show will also tour in the province of Quebec and will be […]

19 October 2016


The fils d’Adrien danse will go back to the studio for a brand new creation in december (and throughout the next year). During those 9 weeks of work, we’ll do residencies all around the province of Quebec Decembre 19’s week 2016 – Le Carré 150 at Victoriaville February 6’s week 2017 – Théâtre du Bic Mai […]

13 June 2016


After 3 years of oustanding contribution, Mrs. Marie-Catherine Lapointe, the president of our board of directors, announced her departure on May 31st. Member of the FAD Board of Directors for 3 years and president since August 2014, we wish to emphasize that Marie-Catherine was able to assume with great rigor the presidency of the organization’s […]

13 June 2016


L’ÉVEIL will be presented at the Novado festival in Rodez, at the Espace François Mitterand of Figeac and at the Maison du Peuple of Millau in November 2016. The show will then go on tour all around the province of Quebec in February 2017. The show will be presented at the Maison des Arts de Laval […]

18 April 2016

Creative residency

We hosted, during the RIDEAU 2016 event, a workshop linked to our creative residency that we did in the Rebel bodies exhibit at the Musée de la Civilisation of Quebec. In september 2016, the company will initiate a new show inspired by the “white partition” created during the residency at the MCQ. To do so, Le […]

18 April 2016

Some news about the contest “Mark the dance”

The 5 and 6 march took place the rewriting weekend for Mark the dance. The 3 finalists were invited, during all the weekend, to realize their work with a team of profesionnals of all kinds. We are really proud to announce that the big winner of this year contest is Marianne Fortier, student at the […]

18 April 2016

Open rehearsal – Quebec dance event

As part of the Quebec dance event (April 24th to May 1st), we’ll open the doors of the Studio Libre. You are invited to attend one of our choreographic research block for the #RCFAD16 project. See you thursday, April 28th, from 3 PM to 4 PM at the 3rd floor of the 247 rue St-Vallier […]

18 April 2016


Harold is currently in France for some days! A great week full of meetings in Paris, Nantes, Angers and Saint-Barthélémy. A big thanks to the City of Quebec for their support. Without you, this trip wouldn’t have been possible!

3 February 2016

Choreographic exploration 2016

Last week, we started a choreographic exploration project that will take several months. Over the weeks, we invite you to live this adventure with us through our social medias (Facebook and Twitter). We’ll post pictures, videos and snippet of the work we’re doing in the studio so you can more easily understand what contemporary dance […]

3 February 2016

Marquer la danse 15-16 (Mark the danse 15-16)

Le fils d’Adrien danse and La Rotonde, centre chorégraphique contemporain de Québec are proud to share their experiences and ressources to enable the project to deploy to the entire province and ensure its sustainability. This synergy represents an extraordinary and unprecedented development opportunity for Marquer la danse. Marquer la danse is a choreographic writing contest […]

3 February 2016

L’ÉVEIL @ Châteauguay

The FAD will be at the Festival Accès Danse in Châteauguay to present L’ÉVEIL. Pavillon de l’Île, Saturday April 2nd, at 8 PM! Click here if you want to buy tickets 

3 February 2016

The F.A.D. at la Bourse RIDEAU 2016

Harold Rhéaume (artistic director) and Nathalie Hébert (Executive Director) will be at RIDEAU 2016 from February 14th to 18th. You can have a little chat with them in the exhibition room, at booth M3. We hope to see you there! Also note that Harold will be giving a special workshop for the RIDEAU participants at the […]

3 February 2016

Contact Ontarois 2016

We were, from January 14th to 17th, in Ottawa for the 35th edition of Contact Ontarois. Four intense days during which we multiplied meetings and showcases. An amazing experience in a market that was unfamiliar to us and in which we would love to perform our last creation, L’ÉVEIL. We pretty confident!

1 December 2015

Extension for the Rebel Bodies’ exhibition

Amazing new for the contemporary dance fans in Quebec city, the exhibition Rebel Bodies at the Musée de la Civilisation, which was to end on February 14th 2016, is extended until April 3rd 2016. If you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, you now have 4 months to do so. Don’t miss it! […]

1 December 2015

FAD at FrancoFête

Jean-François Duke, dancer in L’ÉVEIL, was in Moncton in early November for the networking activity organized by the Acadian association of professionnal artists from New-Brunswick and Radarts, at FrancoFête in Acadia. He was invited there to talk about his career as a professionnal acadian dancer and he had the opportunity to present the latest Fils […]