16 May 2018


After 10 performances, audiences attending at MNBAQ totaling thousands of people, numerous reviews and interviews, a wonderful receptivity from the community, the public and the medias, the evocative essence of Giacometti magnificently portrayed by the dancers, we can confirm the success of Empreintes mouvantes, danser Giacometti, which marks a turning point in the development of the in-situ genre of the company.

This choreographic setting has permitted us to explore the relationships between dance and visual arts, between the dancers and the audience, as it was an opportunity to start considering the matter for the record, the documentation, the trace, the question of the integration of dance in a museum environment.

The good news is that this original work presented in collaboration with MNBAQ is the first of a series of three which will accompany and dialogue with two other grand expositions presented at MNBAQ by 2020!

This project is possible thanks to the financial support of our valuable partners from the Entente de développement culturel du Ministère de la culture et des communications et de la Ville de Québec as well as the Caisse d’Économie solidaire Desjardins.

Professional dancers : Jean-François Duke, Geneviève Duong, Misheel Phi Ganbold, Étienne Lambert, Rob Pretorius.

Performing students from l’École de danse de Québec : André Abat-Roy, Lili Arsenault, Sarah Audet, Irma Bouchard, Maxime Boutet, Jeanne Forest-Soucy, Aglaëe Laliberté, Amélie Martel, Sarah Pisica, Sarah-Jane Savard

Music : Arvo Pärt et Hildur Gudnadottir

Costumes : Philippe Dubuc

Design of the scenography : Marie-Renée Bourget Harvey

Construction of the scenography : Hugues Bernatchez

Technical support : Nathalie Côté


For more information : http://lefilsdadrien.ca/creation/empreintes-mouvantes-danser-giacometti/