Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume


Since the early days of the company, each creative process was linked to a production, i.e., in the past, Harold Rheaume started a creation in order to reach a stage production. For the first time, he does pure, fundamental research without the pressure of having to produce a show at the end. Through social medias, we connect with the audience and invite them to experience all the stages of creation. Consult the complete logbook here.


Harold allows himself to do some trial and error testings, attempts, explorations, in order to refine his creative gesture. More specifically, over several weeks, with 3 blocks of creation per week and with different dancers from week to week, Harold works on a concept: virtuosity.

Not the virtuosity of the dancers’ performance or the technical challenges, but the choreographic’s virtuosity. Harold challenges himself (given the number of different dancers), his goal being to reach a fine and complex choreographic embroidery every week.


In sync with the mouvements research process, Harold Rheaume is accompanied by a young composer (Vincent Roy) with whom he worked on two occasions. Vincent has a sensitivity and musical originality that marries the different universes which emerge from those laboratories. Harold here mentors him by providing a practical and professional experience of music creation for contemporary dance. By diving with us in this adventure of exploration (both in movement and music), Vincent fully immerses himself in the creative matrix and then, translates it into music. In this way, a significant amount of music and sound sample was created during the research project.


Over the weeks, a considerable number of gestures are accumulated and captured on video that will eventually take part of an in-depth analysis. All that beautiful material, the idea of a possible creation might emerge, grow and take shape as a show.


Harold Rhéaume

Vincent Roy

Josianne Bernier
Jean-François Duke
Isabelle Gagnon
Alan Lake
Étienne Lambert
Sonia Montminy
Odile-Amélie Peters
Misheel Phi Ganbold
Fabien Piché
Léa Ratycz-Légaré
Geneviève Robitaille
Eve Rousseau-Cyr
Mélanie Therrien
Ariane Voineau
Arielle Warnke St-Pierre