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Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume and Katrina McPherson

Premiere : mai 2019

The project combines the talent and expertise of videographer Katrina McPherson (Scotland) and choreographer Harold Rhéaume (Québec). It is around a project of video-dance and book of dance that the two artists reunited after a separation of more than 20 years. This great project is supported by the Bilateral Cooperation Program of British Council and Ministère des affaires extérieures et de la francophonie du Québec.

The film’s framework contrasts the vivid landscapes of the Highlands and the beauty of Quebec City. The dancing duo (Harold and Katrina) here evolves around the immensity of scottish landscapes and the architectural power of Quebec. The film evokes the emotion and impact of the environment on the couple of dancers.

Alongside the film project, a book project takes form. Like a “photo-story”, we follow Katrina and Harold in a series of photographies drawn from the film shooting. The intimacy of the couple is here in contrast with the great and vast depths of both countries.

During two creative residencies, Katrina and Harold invented a new language in which both act as videographer, interpreter and choreographer. Therefore, when they were in Scotland, and with the precious collaboration of The Work Room in Glasgow, they could create in studio the choreography’s raw material before transposing it in the vast Scotland lowlands. In Quebec, it is with the support of the new Maison pour la danse that the research in studio was made possible, before exploring the great outdoors of the city.


Direction and choreography
Harold Rhéaume and Katrina McPherson

Gabriel Cloutier Tremblay
Brian Hartley

Lewis Landini

John Cobban

Ian Ballantyne

This project of artistic collaboration between Harold, Katrina, Karl, Bodysurf Scotland, Le fils d’Adrien danse and The Work Room (Glasgow) is made possible with the help of British Council (BC), Ministère de la Culture et des communications (MCC) du Québec and Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) du Québec.

Performances and tours

15 June 2020 — ADF’s Movies By Movers (Durham, United States)
9 January 2020 — Dance Camera West (Los Angeles, United States)
21-24 November 2019 — Dancescreen 2019 + Tanzrauschen Festival (Wuppertal, Germany)
17-18 September 2019 — Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec (Quebec, Canada)
6-8 May 2019 — Festival (Perth, United Kingdom)
3-5 May 2019 — RISE Festival (Moray, Scotland)