FREE SPIRIT, dancing Miró

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Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume with the complicity of the interpreters

Premiere : mai 2019

« As I work there is always a shock passing my mind…
it is with shocks that I work… »

— Joan Miró

Of immediate expressivity, pierced by contradictory whims and divided flights, the work of Miró is a multiple body subjected to the metamorphosis of interior impulse. The movement arises, unpredictable, stemmed from dialectic forces. Between earth and sky, flesh and spirit, line and colour.

Choreographer Harold Rhéaume offers a dialogue between the emergence and the shocks generated by this dialectic. Like a magnetic constellation of strong individualities, the dancers’ trajectories are sometimes powerful, brutal, almost violent, sometimes light and subtle, responding to the game of material expansion and colour wildness.

Made of wild and poetic delineations, sometimes unexpected, this dance, like the painting of Miró, is an art that wishes to “enlighten the stars” to make them available to all!

FREE SPIRIT, dancing Miró : a choreographic performance occuring within the international exhibition Miró in Mallorca. A Free Spirit presented from 30 May to 8 September, 2019. This work is a Le fils d’Adrien danse production copresented by the F.A.D. and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.


Harold Rhéaume with the complicity of the interpreters

Professional interpreters
Nicholas Bellefleur
Charles-Alexis Desgagnés
Jean-François Duke
Étienne Lambert
Jason Martin
Misheel Phi Ganbold

Graduated interpreters of the School of Contemporary Dancers de Winnipeg
Emma Dal Monte
Neilla Hawley
Anna Protsiou

Graduated interpreters of L’École de danse de Québec
Alice Chaudat
Catherine O’Neill
Alice Vermandele

Harold Rhéaume and Jean-François Duke

John Cage
Vanessa Wagner

Francis Desharnais

General Co-director
Caroline Simonis

Communications + Assistant General Director
Daphné Lehoux Traversy

Administrative Coordinator
Céline Trahan

Performances and tours

Grand Hall of Pavillon Pierre Lassonde
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Wednesday 29 may 2019
— 1:30pm (members MNBAQ)
— 4:30pm (excerpt during the opening)

Friday 31 may 2019
— 11am • 2pm • 4:30pm

Saturday 1 june 2019
— 11am • 2pm • 4:30pm

Sunday 2 june 2019
— 11am • 2pm • 4:30pm