EMPREINTES MOUVANTES, dancing Giacometti

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Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume

Premiere : février 2018

EMPREINTES MOUVANTES, dancing Giacometti is a staged piece of art from Le fils d’Adrien danse taking place many times between the 8th of February and the 13th of May 2018 for Giacometti’s exhibition at MNBAQ. This project was initiated with the need to create a space for the public to enter in the world of the artist, dissolving the usual borders between the work and the audience. By suggesting a different artistic form within the walls of a museum, the MNBAQ and Le fils d’Adrien danse aspire to a new approach mixing dance and visual arts in an encounter with the public. Using contemporary dance vocabulary to express two of Giacometti’s famous works, La Place and Walking Man, the piece will bring different perspectives in the interpretation of these sculptures. Le fils d’Adrien danse intends to enrich, expand, renew and contribute with more insights of Giacometti’s artwork through mediation of movement. This project allows the public to emerge itself in a new experience of closeness with dance by developing an open dialogue with visual arts, encouraging the intimate presence of the audience and discovering different ways of choreographing in situ.


Giacometti’s art and Harold Rhéaume’s artistic approach reveal many points of contact. Both show interest in human nature and reflect upon its strength to its deprivation. For Rhéaume and Giacometti, the shape of the work finds its power by experiencing vulnerability and emptiness. Giacometti’s ‘’figures’’ are persistent to stand despite the harshness of the material and the turmoil of the crafting as in Rhéaume’s performers as individuals or as a group, connecting to one another, forming the space around them into a sculpture. Presented with simplicity, the work expresses empathy and a communicating physical attitude leaving a strong impression on the dancer receiving the movement, disrupting and transforming his own.


Harold Rhéaume with the complicity of the interpreters

Professional dancers
Jean-François Duke
Geneviève Duong
Misheel Phi Ganbold
Étienne Lambert
Geneviève Robitaille
Rob Pretorius

Performing students from L’École de danse de Québec
André Abat-Roy
Lili Arsenault
Sarah Audet
Irma Bouchard
Maxime Boutet
Jeanne Forest-Soucy
Aglaëe Laliberté
Amélie Martel
Sarah Pisica
Sarah-Jane Savard

Arvo Pärt et Hildur Guðnadóttir

Philippe Dubuc

Marie-Renée Bourget Harvey

Scenography construction
Hugues Bernatchez

Technical support
Nathalie Côté

An original production from Le fils d’Adrien danse, broadcast by Le fils d’Adrien danse and the MNBAQ.

This project is possible thanks to the financial support of the Entente de développement culturel du Ministère de la culture et des communications et de la Ville de Québec as well as the Caisse d’Économie solidaire Desjardins.

Performances and tours

Grand hall du Pavillon Pierre Lassonde
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Sunday February 11th 2018
— 2:30PM [MNBAQ members]

Wednesday March 21rst 2018
— 5PM, 7PM et 8PM

Saturday March 31rst 2018
— 11AM, 2PM et 3:30PM

Saturday April 21rst 2018
— 11AM, 2PM et 3:30PM