AUTOPORTRAIT, danser Picasso

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Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume

Premiere : septembre 2021

This solo for and by Harold Rhéaume inspired by the work of Picasso questions the representation of the dancing body. As the concept of the body in the work of the Catalan artist is one of the most fruitful prism to address the multiple occuring metamorphosis in his approach – the deconstructed, reconstructed and constantly transformed body – AUTOPORTRAIT, through the plastic energy of movement, pursues this dialogue around the spaces of perception of the self and the other.

A choreographic work presented as part of the international exhibition Picasso, Figures. This work is a Le fils d’Adrien danse production copresented by the F.A.D. and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.


Choreographer and dancer
Harold Rhéaume

Artistic codirection
Harold Rhéaume and Caroline Simonis

Scenographic design and costumes
Laurie Foster

David Mendoza Hélaine
David Wong

Felippe Martín

Communications + Assistant General Director
Daphné Lehoux Traversy

This project is made possible with the financial support of Entente de développement culturel du Ministère de la culture et des communications de la Ville de Québec.

Performances and tours

Pavillon Pierre Lassonde Grand Hall
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Free • No admission
Duration : 15 minutes

Friday 10 September 2021
— 6pm • 6:30pm • 7pm • 7:30pm

Saturday 11 September 2021
— 2pm • 2:30pm • 3pm • 3:30pm • 4pm • 4:30pm

Sunday 12 September 2021
— 2pm • 2:30pm • 3pm • 3:30pm • 4pm • 4:30pm