Partition blanche (working title)


Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume

Premiere : janvier 1970

Inspiration: Creative/Cultural mediation residencies

In March 2015, Harold Rhéaume initiated a choreographic research in the context of several creative/cultural mediation residencies produced by the Musée de la Civilisation. In the heart of the REBEL BODIES exhibition, a studio was made available to dance companies. Following their success, Le fils d’Adrien danse had the desire to use this process of public residencies in the next creation.

From December 16 until June 17, Harold Rhéaume will work on the new creation for 6 dancers. Creation/mediation residencies will be taking places in cities all around Quebec and in Quebec city. Usually, the creative process would happen in the privacy of a studio.  For this new piece we will create in front of an audience, in different places. We will provoke an encounter with our audience within the creative matrix.



Choreographic material resulting of the MCQ residencies as well as the choreographic research that took place in Québec city (January to June 16: will be used as raw material for the new piece. The main inspiration is a theatrical concept: the “partition blanche” – a “blank script” playwriting method.



Here as an inspiration source, the choreograph uses a “blank script”. A text that can be taking place in any situation, for any character, not one in particular. They are Actor A & Actor B. In a dance piece, the “blank script” is a “blank partition” – a dialog between 2 bodies. Partition A & B. Harold Rhéaume is keen on duets, establishing easily a relationship, a real situation.



The choreographer will create, live in front of the audience, two “blank partition”; #A and #B. Once these are known by the dancers, different configuration of duets will take place. The audience will be witnessing the way the movements are elaborated, taught, learnt, organized in a piece. It will as well be an opportunity for the spectator to understand the dancers’ reality and his/her involvement in the creation.



All the residencies will be open to the audience, for free. To create some momentum in their presence, specific moments will be planned and promoted, in a desire to adapt to each community (schools, general audience, etc). A conversation will starte, exchange between the artists and the audience will be constantly happening. A very different approach to the chore of a creative piece, demystifying contemporary dance.

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Dancers : Jean-François Duke, Alan Lake, Fabien Piché, Eve Rousseau Cyr, Ariane Voineau, Arielle Warnke St-Pierre