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Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume

Audience: Ages 12 and up
Length: 50 minutes

A commission for Échine Do dance collective (Montreal)

Gathered in a circle around a fire, in a pose recreating the village of our ancestral past, five women lay bare their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Working in an enclosed space, with lighting that brings out the body’s curves, with gestures that unfold like sentences, revealing sharp images and true feelings.


  • Dancers: Judith Baribeau, Mireille Baril, Anne-Marie Jourdenais, Isabelle Marcotte, Manon Sylvestre
  • Music: Gavin Bryars, Amon Tobin
  • Music Editing: Benoît St-Jacques
  • Lighting: Nathalie Héroux
  • Costume Design: Sophie Lessard
  • Coach: Lucie Boissinot
  • Photos: Maxime Côté

Performances and tours

  • December 4-7, 2001: Salle Multi – La Rotonde (Quebec City)
  • January 18-21, 2001: Théâtre La Chapelle (Montreal)