Choregraphy : Harold Rhéaume and Katrina McPherson

Premiere : septembre 2021

WIDENING LANDSCAPES is a cinematographic videodance project combining the talent and expertise of videographer Katrina McPherson (Scotland) and choreographer Harold Rhéaume (Quebec), two old friends. Theses films, of which the images were shot in Quebec and Scotland, reunite interpreters from both sides of the Atlantic.

The project initially constituted the cinematographic chapter of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS 2020. The original idea of a series of ten short films was elaborated in 1998 around the original show The Ten Commandments presented at Place des Arts in Montreal at the time. Now a full-blown dance film, the creative process is also the continuation of MIXED LANDSCAPES, the cinematographic project of a transatlantic collaboration that originated from the reunion of Harold and Katrina.

A work in progress.


Direction and choreography
Katrina McPherson and Harold Rhéaume with the complicity of the interpreters

Aïcha Bastien N’Diaye
Jean-François Duke
Lewis Landini
Etienne Lambert

Katrina McPherson


This collaborative artistic project between Harold, Katrina, Bodysurf Scotland, Le fils d’Adrien danse and The Work Room (Glasgow) is made possible thanks to British Council (BC), Ministère de la Culture et des communications (MCC) du Québec and Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) du Québec.